This story includes "three friends." A visiting friend had traveled for many hours to where he thought he would be offered food and shelter but he had none, since his host's family had already eaten and retired to bed for the evening. Not wanting to neglect his friend even though it was late, the host, a persistent friend, went to a sleeping friend's house nearby to ask for bread. The sleeping friend, awakened by his persistent friend, was irritated to be bothered so late at night. He flat out refused to give him any bread for his visiting friend, lest his sleeping wife and children be disturbed. He probably reasoned it would be better for one jperson to fast until morning than for hiswhole family to be distrubed at midnight. However, the persistent friend conitinued knocking, threatening to wake not only the whole family, but the whole neighborhood as well! So he got out of bed and gave his friend some bread - but not out of friendship. He gave in to persistence. A friend is a fine source of aid, but God the Father and Jesus Christ are our spiritual friends - our greatest friends. Theyu give grace, mercy, and truth abundantly! Jesus taught the disciples how to be persistent and persevere in prayer. Two good lessons in ONE!


Please look up and read following scriptures.

God bless your day


Pastor Ken and Fern


Psalm 121:1-8    Psalm 86:15    Ephesians 3:20    I Timothy 1:14-16    Ecclesiasties 4:9-12    Luke 11:5-7